Life, Being Defined!

I was asked by a colleague to define life. I told her, "how do you want me to define it"? She replied, "illustrate it in anything  that term arrives at you, just be realistic". I like that phrase, "just be realistic", we are more likely to describe LIFE  in its real sense if we are going to see it in that perspective. You could read a lot of articles touching the definition of life, most of it are beautifully choreographed, wittingly engineered and perfectly crafted. It entails life existence but not to the specifics of how really it is. 

Life is the pattern of WAKING UP and going to SLEEP!

This is the first thing you should do, WAKE UP! That's the prime of living. This is a routinary activity that one must embrace inorder to take the forwarding steps of success, achievement, goals and etc. It is a day to day action one must indulge into, to finish unfinished business, to close deals, to meet up with friends, making up with someone you have disappointed, saying thank you, dating, to go to work, to receive pay-outs, do the facebook and a lot more to stipulate. Living life is keeping the pace of pattern between "wake up and sleep", the former marks the beginning of new sense of existence or continuance, and the latter post for the break or rest, readying oneself for another day.  After the rigorous pile of schedules you have in a day, pin the others as reserved or unfinished, ready it out for tommorow as you prepare to indulge yourself to an 8 hour pampering rest called SLEEP.

Life is a PLUS and MINUS

Have you observed, emotions goes to  two strings of extremities, now you're laughing out loud, next time you'll know depression is coming in and is making you shed tons of tears. No matter how we assail that we are living a contented and happy life, still, these emotions play us like, 'now you see them, now you don't'.

Life is WORKING our asses HARD, yet knowing later that we've got piles of bills to pay for.

Most of us, works our butt 8 hours a day and if given the chance, overtime will do. Why? "Oh, got electric and water bills to pay", "Examination Fees are due", "Today is the deadline for my credit card", "My insurance policy", "My telephone bill", "I've got 'yaya' to pay for", etc. etc. List and list of reasons where we allocate our money. We strive to earn so that we may have something to spend. 

Life is BLACK and WHITE.

It is like good karma and bad karma, "What you do sums up to what you become". Strive now and you'll get rewarded later. It's like "No pain, no Gain". You won't get what you want without sacrificing something, may it be your time, effort and even the slightest enjoyment you have.  Waste your time on nothing and you'll end up wandering, no sense of direction and life amiss. It has been designed in the law life that consequences are the fruits of all our labors. What we do at present makes our future, and there is reciprocation in the process.


We adapt and adjust.
OFW's, they goes abroad for a greener pasture. New land, new culture, new adjustments, they have no choice but to adapt inorder to live well while in a foreign land. How would you survive the intricacy of a different culture except by living with it. The families left also struggles,  missing someone you dearly love is an agony. They are living in constant combat with their emotions.
On the daily mark of crises, problems and complexity of situations, from work, family and friend relations, one tends to maintain the sanity equilibrium. The ups and downs and life hurdles the focus of one's mind, yet not being clouded by it, one learned to adapt, adjust and make the most out of it. That's how we live, "we must learn to dance in the rain".

We may like it or not, we LIVE our life, to DIE, later of course.

I'm not a pessimist, only a realist. 
Why do we do good things or strive to do God's will? Simply because, unknowingly, we are anticipating that we are going to die and if we do, at least we would live as promised by God, when one lives in accordance with his will. 

No matter how we define life, it is up to us how we live and handles it. Complex as it may seem, it is just but simple if we live it right.


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